Meet... well, me! The chandler.

Welcome to all my new friends 💕 Last weekend we hit 700 likes on my Facebook page and it feels like it’s such a long time coming! Just back in what, April? I only had around 300 page likes! So I wanted to make another post, since I’m only offering porch drops when I deliver and I’ve been doing a hefty amount of shipping!
I’m Kerriann, I’m 27, a Cancer ♋️ (July baby!) and I live by the Detroit zoo 🦒 I started up candlemaking after my old boss broke one of her candles in inventory at a design store I was working at... she gave me all the wax and I had so much fun repurposing it I decided to start a little venture.
Since I started back in 2018, I have made and sold HUNDREDS of candles, if not over 1,000 at this point. I never would have thought I’d be even this mildly successful but let me tell you, I’ve only gotten better! I love seeing able to share my creativity with you all, and with every little sale I (quite literally) do a little happy dance. I appreciate every. Single. One of you!!
Friday I bought my first Cricut. It’s something I’ve always debated on and I decided it is TIME 🕙 I have so many fun ideas in mine to add to my candle jars. Personalization abilities. Themed gifts. I don’t even know where to start! PS, yes I do 😉 Keep an eye out for Mother’s Day gifts in a couple weeks.
So today I up my creativity game and soon enough, I will be able to share this with you.

In the month of April I will hold a giveaway, so keep an eye out for that too 🥰 I hope to be able to meet some of you, my biggest fans, one day! For now stay safe, stay healthy, and keep your house smelling good 💕✌🏻