Why I Decided to Stop Using Essential Oils in My Candles

I began this venture using essential oils in my candles. I didn't do as much research at the beginning as I should have, and knowing what I know now I would have never started with them. I thought essential oils were the way to go. I wanted my candles to be PURE. 100% soy wax, cotton wicks and ESSENTIAL OILS. I joined multiple groups with other candle makers. This is where the learning process really began.

"What types of essential oils do you use in YOUR candles?" and
"What's the strongest essential oils in candles made with soy wax?" were the two questions I saw most often. Reading into the comments more (as I was learning & growing) I saw many comments telling the poster why pure essential oils should not be used. The main reason? The 2000+ degree flame was too hot and negatively changed the chemical makeup of the oils. Essential oils also have a really low flashpoint, meaning if there’s a high concentration of essentials oil in a candle, this oil can combust.

Reading so many people suggesting against it, I decided to change the way I was doing candles. I can not call my candles pure, but I can call them safe. I now use only clean fragrance oils. I ensure they are phthalate-free (the BPA of the candle world) and safe to use around children and pets. They may also be infused with essential oils, but I will never again use PURE essentail oils. Certain ones are dangerous for pets, and I have 4 animals in my home so I would never do anything to put them in danger. On top of this, the cost to make a candle that's as scented as I do now would have costed me much more and in-turn cost you, the customer much more!

I appreciate those who have made this transition with me, and understand that I will always make product that I would personally burn in my own home.

There is another candlemaker who ensures her fragrance oils are phthalate-free, with an article that is great to help others understand the difference and importance of fragrance oils vs. essential oils. Feel free to check it out! Link below.


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